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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Juyeon Julia Suh, BA


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, minor in Philosophy, University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • Master of Arts Candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo 


  • Pre-licensed Mental Health Counselor -Intern 

Aloha, fellow humans. I invite you to join me in curiosity-fueled conversations about what it means to live an authentic life attuned to the many great joys and the deep sufferings we all come across. I have experienced what it feels like to be a prisoner of my mind, attaching and clinging to behaviors and thoughts that are familiar but do not aid in my well-being while simultaneously wanting to be free from it all. Along that journey, I have felt immense fear, shame, guilt, and weakness at the mere thought of accepting love, safety, and health into my life. By taking it one intentional day at a time, my courage grew in spite of all the fear.


I view psychotherapy as a place and a moment in time where you are encouraged to fully engage with what it feels like to be you in this world while also building the empowering strength of personal responsibility. Some of these moments will be playful, some of them deep, some of them uncomfortably hard, and some of them gracefully easy.


I honor the space we will co-create to err as humans do, to learn how to communicate effectively, and to then go forth in the world with inner consent to say yes to life. Even with life’s tragedies, I carry a deep reverence for being alive in all its richness.


My approach to counseling lies under a broad existential umbrella where I take tenets of humanistic, psychodynamic, and behavioral approaches in addressing the human condition. I am trauma-informed and influenced by mindfulness-based philosophies, cognitive neuroscience, and embodied cognition. I have worked in both research and clinical settings. Relationships are at the foundation of a life well lived, and I look forward to building ours together.

Image by Ethan Robertson




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